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Former Ravens running back Lorenzo Taliaferro reportedly dies at the age of 28



We are saddened to announce that the former Baltimore Ravens running back player, Lorenzo Taliafero has died at the age of 28.

His death was made public by his club Baltimore Ravens through an official Twitter post the shared on Thursday evening.


The NFL player died of a heart attack on Wednesday, according to family members.

Lorenzo’s career at Baltimore Ravens was cut short due to a hamstring injury that kept him off the pitch.

He was pronounced dead at 3 p.m. Around 30. At Riverside Medical Hospital in Williamsburg, Virginia, on Wednesday, ESPN reports.

Deputies from the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office were sent to an apartment in the city where Taliafero received emergency medical care. Later, paramedics arrived and transported him by ambulance.

He was drafted in 2014, the same year that Ravens split from a Ray Rice pursuit when a video surfaced of him punching and dragging his future wife into an elevator in Atlantic City.

The team took on Taliaferro in the fourth round, the hard-nosed runner played three seasons until 2016, but primarily as a repository for another sensation, Just Astin Forset.

During the three seasons, Taliaferro played in 19 games but hurried in only 339 yards. Most of it was on the rookie’s campaign, he hit five times with a precise shot, struggling to stay healthy. Each of the seasons he played ended in injury storage.

Taliaferro attended Coastal Carolina University on a football scholarship before he had his first contract with the Ravens.

He in 2013, rushed for 1,729 yards and 27 touchdowns and was named the Big South Offensive Player of the Year.

Three weeks after joining Ravens, He allegedly broke the glass of a cottage in Williamsburg and was arrested for disorderly conduct and publicly been drunk.

He was forced to run 18 sets of races by Ravens coach John on Harbor as punishment, ESPN reports.

After the episode, the 6-foot, 232-pound crusher played the best game of his career, rushing 91 yards against the Browns in Cleveland.

In 2017, he was replaced as a defender, but the team cut him off before the start of the regular season.

He spent a year out of the league before the 2018 rehearsal as a defensive player for the Hamilton Tigers in the Canadian Football League, but he did not make it to the team.

He reportedly played in the American Flag Football League at the twilight of his career.

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