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Movie Director, Steve Dimarco Has Passed Away



Movie Director, Steve Dimarco Is Dead

Writer, Producer and movie director, Steve Dimarco has passed away. Steve Dimarco was reported to have died on December 16 2020. Circumstances surrounding his death was not made known to the public.


Bruce McKenna wrote – Shocked and saddened by the news that Steve DiMarco passed. I just reconnected with him on Facebook a few days ago. I worked with Steve on two of his early 16mm half-hours (of the Scumbag Trilogy) and then as art director on his first feature Thick as Thieves. He had the clearest vision of any director I’ve ever been around. Weeks before principal photography, Steve knew the shots, the cuts and the music cues he wanted. When Steve said “The shot’s here, I don’t need to see any more of the room than this, so don’t bother dressing it.” then that’s what we did. And unlike every other director whoever said that to me, Steve shot exactly what he said he was going to shoot.

Darrin Brown wrote – “No wasted shots. No extra takes. Get what you need and get out.” On my first day of working with steve DiMarco on set as a second ad I brought in things at the time we thought we need them and spent most of that day trying to get everything there earlier. On my second day of working with Steve DiMarco, I brought everything in a call. We were done by lunch. Such a great heart. Cared about his crew. Hadn’t seen him In Many years but so many fond memories. RIP Steve DiMarco.

James Wrote – Gutted to hear of the passing of my friend Steve DiMarco – one of the best directors I’ve had the privilege to work with. He lived outside the box. Working with him was so liberating. There were no rules. Damn. Love ya brother.

Sean Moore In A lengthy Post Wrote – There are NOT MANY PEOPLE like Steve DiMarco. I was working with Steve last year to bring one of his film dreams to life. A collaborative for the love of creation and art. We spoke a lot, he was in rough shape. This is so painful. He was unhappy with the industry, he felt alone and opened up to me a lot near the end of our work together.

He wore his heart on his sleeve and really wished that he had progressed more work-wise. I bring this up because he shared it with me all the times we met to work on his boards. This industry is really hard, especially when great talent is ignored or seemingly put out to pasture. I don’t know who else had been in touch with Steve over quarantine but I’m sure that they would attest to the fact that he was hit hard this year.

I doubt it was a physical health-related issue as he was fit as a fiddle and often shared his ideas for concepts with me whilst running on a treadmill. I have so much more to say on a personal note regarding my time with Steve in 2019/2020 but I will save that. I have just put up his favourite opening concept for his fantastic series written by him as it was right before we were to go into animatics. Sometimes we need to push a person a bit in order to get them to let you in. I hope this Al Jorgensen type in his leather kilt and Stiv Bators affectation was able to find solace.

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