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Friends Mourn The Death Of Casey Thornhill



Casey Thornhill has sadly passed away, She was reported to have died unexpectedly yesterday 17 December 2020. Circumstances surrounding her death was not made known to the public.

Friends trooped into the social media to pen down their heartfelt tributes to Casey Thornhill.


Danielle Lauren wrote – Another beautiful person lost Casey Thornhill. Mental health is so important ALWAYS, but at times like this even more so- you’re lonelier, more distant, more isolated. My heart breaks that this was an option. An all too common option. Please know that storms pass, they may be long, but they always pass. Trust me.

Demi-Ieigh Fewkes wrote – Absolutely awful news, Rest in peace Casey Thornhill you were beautiful inside and out, such an amazing person and mum to Noah all I have is this iconic photo we laugh at every year because it shows we couldn’t hack the work night out! My heart goes out to all of Casey’s family and friends right now.

Hollie Price wrote – You’ll never be forgotten Casey Thornhill! If this year has taught us anything it’s to be kinder, and that you have no idea what anyone is going through. Even those that look the happiest can be the ones who are struggling the most. Check up on your friends!.

Emily Nettleship wrote – I didn’t know Casey Thornhill on a personal level but, I remember when we were at school together. i remember her always being so bubbly, that’s why it’s even sadder to hear what’s happened. thinking of all Casey’s friends and family I’m so sorry. RIP Casey.

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