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Things You Need To Know About Courtney Elder



Is Courtney Elder Dead Or Alive?

This article a little bit of Courtney Elder brief bio and profile. Who is the Christmas Lottery movie celebrated actress, Courtney Elder? Things You Need to know about her.

Who Is Courtney Elder?.

Courtney A Elder is a Manager, Content Strategy & Co-Productions at BET (BET Networks, a subsidiary of Viacom Inc.)

She produced over twenty films and two series for BET Networks, two of which were acquired by Netflix. Courtney worked interactively with the cast; developing, identifying and acquiring content geared toward building and retaining audiences across multi-platforms. She was also a producer for BET’s Legal Drama, “Carl Weber’s Influence”.

Some of her production works include, The Christmas Lottery, A Christmas Surprise, BET Her Presents: The Waiting Room, BET Her Presents, The Couch, The Family Business.

In October 2020, Courtney was appointed the Manager, Content Strategy & Co-Productions of BET.

She went to Berklee College of Music where she graduated with a music business marketing and management certificate in 2021.

In 2013 she graduated with Bachelor of Arts, BA, Rhetoric and composition/writing studies, Cum laude from the Binghamton University.

Is Courtney Dawn Dead? Did She Die?

information all over social media and clickbait websites claiming that Courtney A Elder has passed away is nothing but false information. The actress and producer is very much alive and doing fine.

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