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Sarah Raheem wife of Black Caps captain Kane Williamson delivers a baby girl


It turned out to be great news this morning as the wife of Black Caps captain Kane Williamson has delivered of her baby, The Cap Kane Williamson made the reveltion of the birth of his first child through his Instagram page.

Williamson and wife Sarah Raheem welcomed a baby girl into the world, with Williamson announcing the news on Instagram this afternoon.

“Overjoyed to welcome a beautiful baby girl into our family,” Williamson wrote.



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While speaking about this he said:

“It’s a very exciting time in anybody’s life and it certainly is in mine,” said Williamson.

Williamson missed the second test against West Indies to be Raheem as the couple waited for childbirth and as the SJ hat bat flew back and forth through Wellington’s Tauranga before returning to Tauranga before being tested with his wife.

Black Caps coach Gary Stead said at the time that the whole team was supportive of Williamson.

“Family comes first. Kane’s not the first player to miss a test match because of an impending birth and he won’t be the last,” Stead said.

“Worst case scenario Kane misses some matches.

“As a dad, as a parent, you only get that opportunity once in your life to be there for your (first) child’s birth and I know that it’s important for Kane too.

“At the end of the day we play cricket and other things are much more important.”

Raheem is a qualified nurse, who studied at the University of Bristol.

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