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New Delhi priest Sant Baba Ram Singh shot himself in solidarity with the Farmer protesters


Sant Baba Ram Singh of Singhra, Karnal commits suicide at Singhu border Delhi. Leaves behind a suicide note saying he is unable to see the plight of farmers.

He was in Delhi supporting the farmers for quite some time. He had arranged a camp and had also distributed blankets.

He mentioned in his suicide note that he is unable to see the state of farmers in Delhi. He said that the Centre is paying no heed to the ongoing protest and is not worried about the farmers, children and women suffering in Delhi.

Everyone is shocked and sad after listening to this bad news.

Sant Baba Ram Singh ji had a huge following and he has always stayed clean of controversies. He gave a huge contribution to the social and economic reforms. He was respected not just in Sikh community in particular but also generally.


He wrote in the suicide note that he saw the suffering of the farmers. They are on the streets to take their rights. It is very sad. Government is not giving justice. It is oppression. It is a sin to suffer, it is also a sin.

Sant Baba Ram Singh further writes that nobody did anything in favor of the farmers and against the oppression. Many returned the honours. This is a voice against oppression. Waheguru ji’s Khalsa, Waheguru ji’s Fateh.

Please tell that due to the agitation against agricultural laws, many farmers have lost their lives so far. Two died on Monday, one farmer on Tuesday and now Sant Baba Ram Singh on Wednesday. On Monday night, a road accident took place in the white village of Patiala district, in which two farmers returning from Delhi were staged and killed.

On Tuesday, a farmer was killed in front of Usha Tower on the Singhu border. The deceased farmer was identified as Mohali (age 70 years) resident Gurmeet.

The movement has been going on for 21 days

Farmers have been protesting against agricultural laws for 21 days on the borders of Delhi. Several rounds of talks were held between the government and the farmers. All were wild The farmers are adamant on repealing the three laws. At the same time, the government is ready to make amends, but the farmers are rejecting this proposal.

At the same time, on Wednesday, a written reply was given to the government by the United Kisan Morcha. The Kisan Morcha has appealed to the government not to discredit their movement and if they want to talk then talk to all the farmers together.

On the other hand, there was a hearing in the Supreme Court today regarding the farmers’ movement The court has said that they will listen to the farmers’ organizations, and also asked the government why the agreement has not been reached so far. The farmer’s organizations have now been given notice by the court. The court says that such issues should be settled at the earliest. The court has asked to form a committee of representatives of the government and the farmers so that the two can discuss the issue among themselves.

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