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Man marries Ayca, his 23-year-old bride with leukemia in Fürth .. and now hopes to be saved


The young lady, Ayca who is 23-years-old wears a white dress, she beams into the camera in their wedding picture.

The wholesale and foreign trade clerk married her great love Michael (21). Both dream of their own house and children.

Ayca and Michael don’t know whether this will come true. Because Ayca is terminally ill. She won’t survive the next year without a stem cell donation.

Ayca has blood cancer. She suffers from chronic myeloid leukaemia. “The cancer cells have mutated,” explains the young bride: “That’s why drugs just don’t work for me.”

The disease was discovered in June 2019.

“I was exhausted and bruised all over the place,” recalls Ayca. Doctors had to resuscitate her when she started bleeding internally. Then they discovered the special form of blood cancer.

Because nothing else helps – and time is of the essence, the German bone marrow donor center (DKMS) is looking for a donor quickly. “It must have the same tissue characteristics,” says Julia Ducardus from DKMS.

“I could get completely well with someone else’s stem cells,” says Ayca: “I haven’t given up hope. I want to live!”]

Ayca in June 2019: She is in the hospital with internal bleeding. On this day, doctors discover leukemia

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