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Guatemala politician and deputy Adela de Torrebiarte dies



President of the National Football Federation of Guatemala Adela de Torrebiarte has been reported dead.

“It is a loss for Guatemala,” said the head of the Creo block, to which he belonged.

She was said to have died on Wednesday as a result of health problems that she went through.

The legislator was part of the Commitment, Renewal and Order bench (I believe) since January of this year.

The head of that bloc, Rodolfo Neutze, regretted what happened and expressed his condolences to her family.

“It is a loss for Guatemala. She is the example of how the person who sacrifices her comfortable personal life and puts it at the service of her country should be, ”said the parliamentarian.

He added that Guatemala feels it, in politics, in sports, in charity and in everything it did. “A great loss for his family,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, on the social networks of the Congress of the Republic, a message was published in relation to Camacho’s death.

It was indicated that the president of that organization, Allan Rodríguez, the permanent commission and deputies mourn his sensitive death.

“Praying to God to grant his children and other family strength and Christian resignation in the face of such irreparable loss,” he expressed.

About Torrebiarte
Adela Ana María del Rosario Camacho Sinibaldi de Torrebiarte was born on March 30, 1949.

She was a founding member of a suffering mother who supports her country’s abduction victims.

When she was Minister of Internal Affairs, in 2007 She responded to the assassination of three Salvadoran politicians and the execution of four police officers who were the main suspects.

She was Minister of the Interior from March 2007 to January 2008, during the government of former President Oscar Berger.

In addition, in 2011 she was appointed by former governor Otto Pérez as presidential commissioner for the Police Reform of Guatemala.

In the 2011 elections, he competed for the Presidency of the Republic, through the National Development Action party (ADN).

She participated in the founding of this political group, which after that election process was cancelled due to the number of votes it received.

In addition, he participated in the field of football and was in the leadership of Cobán Imperial.

She was president of the Football League, held a position in FIFA to represent this sport at the Central American level and participated in normalization commissions.

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