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Meet 1-year-old Jester, The best pet rabbit everyone envy in UK



Rabbits are cute when they bounce small, but some large species grow up to 1 meter in length.

Such a giant rabbit is kept as a pet in England, and the owner is fond of it as “just like my own child.” When the charm of the rabbit was disseminated through a dedicated SNS account, the offer arrived as the cover model of an education-related book and the main character of a picture book. “Metro” etc. are telling.

Lyn Hobson (60) and her husband Peter (Peter), who live in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England, said that at home, a male rabbit of the continental giant type, Jester, 1-year-old. 8 months) ”.

The Continental Giant is a large breed of rabbit that weighs 16 to 25 pounds on average and grows up to 3 feet in length. According to LADbible, the world record for the same kind is 22 kg in weight and 132 cm in length. Jester weighs 20 pounds and seems to be the average size.

On April 1, 2019, Lin bought Jester, who was a few weeks old, from a breeder. Since this day was April Fool’s Day, he named it “Jester,” which means “a joke lover.” Thanks to the firm toilet training so that Jester can be kept indoors, he has never had a rough look.

“I grew up spoiled like my own child,” said Lin, who admits that “I’m always with you, whether I’m watching TV or washing.” Jester has a private room on the other side of Lin’s bedroom,

It is said that there are three private beds in the house.

“Jester is the best pet that everyone envy. He has a really nice and calm personality, and everyone who sees Jester is captivated. Jester is a charming pet that makes people mellow.” Rin seems to have been struck by Jester.

Mr Lin seems to have received a lot of feedback when he launched a Facebook account dedicated to Jester and published photos and videos, and the offer came in as a result of the posting, and he was also drawn as the cover model of educational books and the main character of picture books.

“I think these jobs are the beginning of Jester’s modelling business. I hope he’ll be busier around Easter next year,” said Lin. Jester’s profile site for his next job. Is being created.

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