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Earrings on the cheeks of a little baby girl! What is the true intention of the mother of six children in Ohio



A photo posted on her Facebook page by Enedina Vance, a mother of six children in Ohio, on June 28, burned. It was a pierced earring on the cheek of a young girl who could be called a baby, and it spelt out the feeling of opening the pierced earring to the child, but there was a hidden intention. British media such as “Mirror” and “The Sun” reported.

Glittering pierced earrings on the dimples on the left cheek of her daughter who turns her lovely smile. Enedina adds such a sentence to the photo.


“I opened my daughter’s dimples! It’s so cute !? If you grow up and don’t like it, it’s not a big deal. I’m the parent of this kid and this kid is my kid. As a parent, I make all decisions about my child until my child is 18 years old. Don’t criticize me because everyone has different parenting methods. ”

This post spread all at once with more than 14,000 shares, and there were a lot of angry and criticizing comments that called Enedina a “monster .” Moreover, the child welfare service was notified and this photo was deleted from Facebook. However, this post was fake.

In fact, Mr. Enedina, as an activist, gave a demonstration against “circumcision for young boys”. She later explained on Facebook that “my daughter’s piercings are just a fake using Photoshop,” and said she wanted to tell the world how cruel the circumcision ritual was.

Enedina, who deliberately played a selfish mother who pierced her daughter, told Techinsight in this way.

“As an anti-circumcision activist, I have long complained that circumcision, which damages my child both physically and mentally, is unnecessary. Unfortunately, many parents in the United States say,’Circumcision to children’ from doctors and nurses. If you don’t do this, you will be more susceptible to infections. ”Because there is no explanation that infections can be cured by antibiotics, parents also believe that circumcision should be done while their children are young. Is a savage and serious violation of children’s human rights. I posted a photo of my daughter’s piercing this time, hoping to get more attention. As a result, fake photo caught the eye of the user. It seems that the effect was more than enough to attract. ”

Enedina said she only tagged three Facebook users, including her husband and other activists, with her daughter’s piercing photo. He expected that the same opposition to circumcision would read it, and thought that he would probably share several times. However, it has been taken up as news worldwide, and I cannot hide my surprise from the magnitude of the response.

“Some people were angry at my complaint, but many are taking the facts of circumcision and considering what they are doing to their children. One of my friends told me,’ First, change the society, then change the law. ”I want parents to recognize and respect their children’s rights as human beings. That’s why parents like “I do what I want” are just doing it for themselves, not for their children. ”

In addition, Enedina told the British media, “Even if you are a parent, you are not allowed to modify the human body by piercing or circumcising. Doing so will make you beautiful. That’s just the appearance of the parents. ”

But even after the post turned out to be fake, some people still criticized it. Enedina was disappointed by those who couldn’t tell her true intentions and had to post twice after her daughter’s photo to explain, “That photo is fake.”

“Some people still tell me to separate their children from such parents and threaten to assault them. Those who don’t understand how they linked their daughter’s piercing pictures to circumcision criticize me. Isn’t circumcision a sin? Parents who can do circumcision in a baby who doesn’t understand things should be criticized. ”

As an opponent of circumcision, Enedina is focusing on sharing the facts of circumcision, reliable sites, and actual medical research from countries other than the United States. “The pain of circumcision, the irreversible behavior, and the damage that causes trauma to the mind and brain of young children for the rest of their lives. I hope many people will pay attention to the human rights of children as a result of my post.” Is complaining.

Enedina, who protested against circumcision while taking the risk of posting a fake photo of her daughter, told Facebook users, “Your post is getting the point! How many kids are forced to circumcision. That’s what … many people should know this fact. “” I was surprised at the piercings at first, but I’m glad I was fake. I was able to tell the world in a good way. “” You are a wonderful mother. “I think,” “I have to be proud of having a mother like you, America must be proud.”

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