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A Philippine girl Mary Ann Regacho had her face swell “like a balloon” after crushing her acne



A girl living in the Philippines fell into a situation where most of her face was swollen after crushing her acne. Despite the sensitive period of 17 years old, the original face has been deformed beyond imagination. “Mirror” and “The Sun” are reported.

The 17-year-old Mary Ann Regacho, who lives in Nueva Ecija, Philippines, is now suffering from an unexplained facial swelling illness. Mary was married and was already the mother of one child.

Mary’s face began to swell last year, just after giving birth to her son. She noticed pimple-like eczema around her nose and crushed it by hand, but later the area became swollen.

At that time, Mary thought lightly that she had just lost her hormonal balance and had temporary swelling shortly after giving birth. However, after a few days, the swelling became painful and spread more and more. “I felt like the balloons were inflating,” Mary recalls.


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It seems that Mary’s face is now saddened by the fact that her swelling has changed her original appearance so much that she cannot tell. Moreover, the swelling reached the eyes, and the condition affected the eyesight.

The family was financially distressed due to unstable incomes from Mary’s husband, Albert Sales.

She said she couldn’t get a medical examination at the hospital.

Therefore, although I tried to take Chinese herbs, the swelling did not go away at all.

Mary said of her symptoms:

“I thought it was just a pimple at the time, but it was so painful that I couldn’t sleep at night. I tried what I could do to cure this swelling, but none of it worked. I don’t think my face will be restored anymore. ”

Having endured swelling and pain for a year, Mary was only recently able to be examined at the hospital. However, local hospitals did not have enough equipment to test for her unexplained illness, so she was referred to a larger hospital.

But for now, it’s hard to pay for medical expenses with Albert’s income alone, and he is calling for Mary’s medical expenses to be donated through a media interview.

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