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Another Truck attack in N12 road near Springs reported last night



There has been a report of another Truck attacked in N12 road near Springs last night.

According to information gathered it was revealed that the truck was attacked and set on fire by an angry mob who felt that the trucks were driven by foreigners in the country and they termed their use of the Truck as illegal.


Just last month multiple trucks were set ablaze as vigilante violence rages on in the country.

The incident which took place around N12 highway north of the Kingsway bridge towards Springs and Daveyton in the early hours of the morning had two trucks petrol bombed in the ongoing spate of attacks by vigilantes on South Africa’s freight industry.

According to footage sent through by the Transit Assistance Bureau (Transit), one of the trucks belonging to distribution company Logistics, and the other to refrigeration and agricultural freight company, Hestony Transport.

A motorist who had to turn around and who recorded the burning trucks on his cellphone, said: “They have just set two vehicles alight on the N12 in the vicinity of Daveyton.

“Please avoid the area. Use alternative routes.”

Last night Transit was also warned that traffic was being disrupted on the N17 near Carnival City.

Apparently, rocks were placed on the road to obstruct traffic while tyres were also being set alight.

The motorist who sent through the voice clip said: “We literally drove past them as they petrol-bombed the tyres.”

Earlier yesterday afternoon a video was also circulated by Transit showing traffic being diverted onto an offramp near Camperdown on the N3 in KwaZulu-Natal.

The person who recorded the video said: “They are burning two trucks.”

He added that it appeared one of the trucks had not reached the bridge and another was right at the bridge.

“We are not safe. We are not safe,” he said.

Since this morning’s arson attacks more than 30 trucks have been set alight since last Thursday evening’s surprise incidents of petrol bombing sparked a spate of violent vigilantism targeting transporters and their employees.

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