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Latvian music band, Astro’n’out releases new song ‘I give up’ and announces summer open-air concert



On Friday, December 11, the band ” Astro’n’out ” will release a new song “Es padodos”, which was created especially in support of the charity project “Angels over Latvia”.

The band is also announcing their biggest open-air concert at the end of next summer at the Mežaparks Green Theater.

Like many other domestic musicians, “Astro’n’out” has dedicated their song to the “Angels over Latvia” campaign, so that together they can become even more audible and together with the Latvian society can help more than 100 seriously ill children from all over Latvia.

The song “Es padodos” is included in the “Album of Creating” digital album “Angels over Latvia”, which can be purchased on the project website, while donating funds to the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“I give up” tells about the importance of releasing the desire to control everything during the trials and not to carry the burden of life on one’s shoulders alone, to trust that the walkway carries a secret that will probably only be revealed in time. “We believe that our music will find its listener in any ‘weather’, and it is music and culture in general that can be significant support in this troubled time.

Although who is currently going through a wave of ignorance, will be able to perceive the message expressed in it, feeling a similar string of the soul, “says the group’s soloist Māra Upmann – Holstein.

The band says thank you to everyone involved in making the song! The recording was made in the “Sound Division” studio, sound engineer Ivars Ozols, mixed and mastered by Gatis Zaķis, the string arrangement was created by the long-term drummer of the group Mārtiņš Miļevskis. A string trio participated in the recording: Otto Trapāns, Paula Kronentāle, Undīne Balode.

The video of the song was created by Jānis Dunkurs from “Colortime”. The song will also be available on digital music streaming sites (Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, etc.).

Along with the release of the song, “Astro’n’out” also announces an open-air concert, which is scheduled for August 21, 2021, at the Mežaparks Green Theater in Riga. “This is an unusual time to announce the concert, but we are looking forward to the summer with the confidence that we will have a wonderful reunion with our listeners. enthusiastically says “Astro’n’out” soloist Mara.

The concert will feature both songs from the best pop music album of 2019 “Multivitamin Multipack” awarded in the Latvian Music of the Year Award, as well as the band’s favourite songs from previous albums. A meeting with several friends close to the group in music is also expected on stage.

Tickets are available from October 10 at “Biļešu servisa” ticket offices and on the Internet. During the pre-holiday season, the first tickets can be purchased in limited quantities at the lowest price.

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