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Hollywood actor, George Clooney revealed how he was hospitalized for pancreatitis four days before filming “The Midnight Sky”



Popular Hollywood actor, George Clooney has revealed he had to be hospitalized for a demanding diet he did for his latest movie actor was rushed to the hospital for pancreatitis four days before filming “The Midnight Sky,” which premieres in December on Netflix.

The 59-year-old actor surprised his fans with a recent public confession. The protagonist of “The Midnight Sky” (in Spanish, “Midnight Sky”), his last film in which he also served as director and which will be released on Netflix on December 23 – gave an interview to the British newspaper The Mirror to talk about the hard work he put in while filming the production that actually landed him in the hospital.




The process of preparing for the film required the Hollywood star a radical physical transformation: he had to lose more than 12 hours in a short time.

The abrupt weight loss, the actor explained, took its toll on him to the point that, four days before the start of filming what he considers his biggest project, he had to be hospitalized urgently with severe stomach pains.

The diagnosis was no less worrying: Clooney suffered from acute pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas, which forced him to stay in the medical centre for several days.

” I think I tried too hard to lose a lot of weight in a short time and it probably wasn’t taking care of myself, ” admitted the Oscar winner. ” It took me a few weeks to recover and as a director, it was not easy, because you need to have energy,” he said.

The radical makeover didn’t just go through extreme weight loss. With a more relaxed frame of mind, Clooney said that another of the physical sacrifices was growing a beard, something that the women in his family did not particularly like. “I grew a big and ugly beard,” said the actor, who depicted the annoyance it caused with a funny anecdote about his great transformation: ” My son loved it because he hid things in it. ” But his new facial hair, he reiterated, did not please everyone: “My wife and daughter were very happy when it was over because it was very difficult to find a face under all that mess .”

The film tells the story of scientist Augustine Lofthouse, who survives a global catastrophe in the Arctic, was made in extreme weather conditions. It is a drama that, in addition to starring, he also directs. His last film as a director had been “Suburbicón” (2017). “Part of the filming was done on a glacier in Finland, which made the job much more difficult. But it certainly helped with the character … It was fun, ” the actor recounted.

In full promotion of said production, the interpreter confirmed rumours that he gave $ 1 million to each of his 14 closest friends in 2013. In an interview with GQ magazine, he said that when he decided to give all that money to his friends he was single, growing old and not expecting to have a family. The actor and director is now married to attorney Amal Clooney and is the father of twins Alexander and Ella, 3.

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