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South African singer Letoya Makhene shops for her upcoming traditional wedding with her partner Lebo Keswa



South African actress and singer Letoya Makhene is getting ready for her upcoming traditional wedding with her husband to be Lebo Keswa.

In a new Instagram post she shared on Thursday she revealed to her loyal fans that she was busy shopping for her in-law’s blankets. Usually, in the African culture, both families have to exchange gifts during a traditional wedding, and woah, you can imagine how expensive that could be, but makoti is ready to spoil her in-laws with the best blankets.


She said that she was given a list of all the gifts she is expected to buy and she wants to gift them with the best double-ply and mink blankets.

Letoya and her partner recently officially announced when Lebo knelt down and raised a question and paid the lobola for her

Tuesday, 2020 On November 17, in an Instagram post, Letoyan shared her images from a recent Lobola event, giving fans more insight into her relationship with Lebo.

She explained that in just one week, they moved from being engaged to being traditionally bound for life.

She said. “It simply came to our notice then. I was literally just her fiancé a week ago before her family came to pay their respects to my family. ”


Letoya  and Lebo got engaged after a romantic hot air balloon ride. As soon as they landed there was a banner on the ground written: “Will you marry me.”

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