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Themba Video: Woman Who Was Beaten By Themba In A Viral Video Tells People To Stay Away From Her Business



An outraged boyfriend identified as Themba made it’s way to Twitter trend after a video of him abusing his girlfriend “Senzi” went viral on social media.

In the viral video, Themba was seen forcing Senzi to make a video where she was seen telling other men that she is a sl** and that they should stop sending her private messages.

Senzi is heard pleading with him to calm down, but he is relentless. She has tears in her eyes, and her voice is shaky.

While still making her comments, Themba attacked her with his hands and the video ends abruptly.

Watch The Abuse Video Below:-

Senzi Sen Prim Prim Files A Report About The Abuse Video

In a recent development, Senzi went to the police station to file charges against the person who posted the video of abuse from her boyfriend, Themba. According to her the incident happened a long time ago.

She vowed to take action on the people who posted the video online without her consent.

In her words: I had to wake up and get my lawyer, a voice heard at the background. I’m filling in a report about this video posted and made public without my consent.

Maybe first, if I was asked, I would clarify the conditions and dates and steps that were taken, but anyway, my fight is with the concern parties, including OPERA.NEWS and someone I don’t even care know about “prince kb wakhona.” and the so-called Teddy Duikker Moswedi.

No report yet from the Police on the abuse clip that’s gone viral online.

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