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Messi fined for his tribute to Maradona and exploited the memes by making fun of the sanction



Fans where angry at the League for grief, started a cataract of jokes on social media.

It was, perhaps, the most moving tribute to Diego Maradona after his death , especially for the surprise effect and the protagonist. After scoring Barcelona’s fourth goal against Osasuna , and greeting his teammates, Lionel Messi took off his Blaugrana shirt and underneath appeared the Newell’s jacket that Pelusa himself had worn during his time in Rosario. He raised his gaze to the sky and pointed his index fingers upwards, in a profound scene that went around the world.

The Rosario striker completed his tribute with a publication on his Instagram account , accompanied by the photo that has already become an icon: “Goodbye, Diego . ” The star’s inner circle indicated that the tribute occurred to him on Saturday night, hours before the match. And the jacket came into his hand’s thanks to the gift of Sergio Fernández, a collector, as reported by the media last Monday.

However, referee Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz did not show empathy and admonished him for having removed the shirt of the culé team. And the Competition Committee of the Spanish League completed the sanction devoid of all sensitivity, applying a fine of 600 euros.

The entity was based on Article 91 of the Disciplinary Code and that the sanction could have been bulkier, since the maximum to pay in this type of infractions can reach the sum of 3,000 euros. For its part, Barcelona must pay a fine of 350 euros (article 52).

The penalty sparked a wave of outrage among Messi and Maradona fans. And it was translated into a cataract of ridicule and memes pointing to the League and the economic power of La Pulga, which due to its income level will not feel an impact due to the amount of the fine.

Thus, in the social network Twitter, the phrase “Poor Messi” became a Trending Topic, based on the jokes that emerged. Thus, in the memes, Leo worked in different trades or told his children that they will not have Christmas and even appeared disguised as Chavo del 8, thinking about his shortcomings. All, as an ironic message to the referee and the League, who did not understand that a tribute like that of La Pulga deserved applause and not a sanction.

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