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Saved at the last moment: This shipwrecked Stuart Bee hung on the hull of his motorboat “Angeles”


The hull of his overturned boat was his last stop just 140 kilometres off the coast of Florida: A 62-year-old American was rescued from an extremely precarious situation on Sunday by the crew of a container ship.

Stuart Bee’s boat was no longer able to drive on Saturday after technical problems, said the US Coast Guard. Bee reportedly woke up abruptly after midnight on Sunday when water leaked into the boat’s front cabin. After sunrise, he discovered a ship near him and was able to draw attention to himself.

According to the Coast Guard, Bee cast off on Friday afternoon (local time) in Port Canaveral. It remained unclear whether the man-made an emergency calls himself after discovering the defect and how long he was in distress.

When the container ship arrived, Bee was hanging from the hull of his boat, with only the tip sticking out of the water. He was able to swim to an ejected lifebuoy and finally board on his own.

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