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Sacramento police shot and killed a stabbing suspect in Sacramento Pocket District after a man was found in pool of his blood



Sacramento police shot and killed a stabbing suspect in Sacramento Pocket District on Wednesday night.

A man who was stabbed in his home at around 8 pm. reported to the Sacramento police. Wednesday night. The 911 dispatcher could hear in the background threatening to kill the victim.

When police arrived, they found the victim, described by neighbours as a middle-aged man, on the ground surrounded by his own pool of blood.

“I see a male with a lot of blood on the sliding glass door, ‘another male on top,'” said an officer at the scene.

The suspect was still there, threatening the victim with a knife. Eventually, police stormed the door, shooting at least one officer and killing the suspect.

“The suspect is lying, he is not moving at the moment,” said an officer to send.

Neighbours came to the house near police cars, which blocked the entrance to the apartment complex.

“It’s a little unsettling, in fact, I’m still a little shocked,” said Kurt, who has lived in the complex for just two months.

On Thursday, the cleaners moved to the apartment where the stabbing and shooting took place.

CBS13 spoke with the suspect’s sister, who was visiting the scene on Thursday afternoon. He does not know what led to the violence that led to his brother’s death.

The family says the suspect did not live in the building, but he knew the victim. They do not know what caused the violence, but they are protecting their family.

“As far as my brother goes, he was the kindest, most loving person,” said his sister. “He will be forever in our hearts, in our minds, I just miss my brother.”

The names of both men have not been released, nor is there any information on what led to the attack.

The Police Department will release a video of the incident within 30 days. The stabbing victim is expected to survive.

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