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British airline is looking for a stewardess who advertises herself and offer her services to air travelers



Because a British Airways stewardess offered sexual services before, during and after flights, her employer is now looking for the woman.

The anonymous flight attendant created a website called “Air Hostess 71”. As the “Sun” first reported, the stewardess posted sexy photos in uniform there. A picture shows that she only wears fine tights underneath. In addition, the sentence: “No panties on sundays” (in German: no panties on Sundays).

It was taken in an aeroplane toilet. Did the sex stewardess seduce her customers there too?

The aim of the website: height points to sell!

In English, the woman writes: “If you ever want adult entertainment on board, all you have to do is give me money. You will then have a completely new experience of your choice … ”

It is not yet known how many British Airways customers have booked the slippery additional offer. Not even how the men find out which flight they will meet the stewardess on. Or how much the woman collects for her services in total. But: She demands a deposit in advance – 50 British pounds (a good 55 euros) – “no negotiations”.

According to “Sun” the stewardess belongs to the British Airways crew, which is stationed in London Heathrow. There she is also supposed to offer shepherd’s hours in hotels. For sex meetings, while travelling abroad, the customer has to check into a different hotel than the lady “for privacy reasons”.

In addition, according to “Sun”, the woman also sells her worn underwear on the Internet (25 British pounds, or around 28 euros, per slip). Due to the media attention, the anonymous flight attendant does not only attract the attention of colleagues.

Twitter and Instagram account under the name “Air Hostess 71” have now been deleted. There are still some pictures on Facebook that show that the “service” has been around since the end of 2019 at least.

British Airways has now launched an internal investigation to find out who the woman is. The “Sun” said an airline spokesman: “We expect the highest standard of behaviour from all of our colleagues at all times.”

Because the sex stewardess offered the services during her working hours, she is threatened with termination without notice.

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