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Moment Nikita Mirzani confessed to have shared a bed with Vicky Nitinegoro



The controversial artist Nikita Mirzani is back in the spotlight. Recently, the mother of 3 children seems to openly reveal that she had a relationship with the handsome actor Vicky Nitinegoro.

Not only close, apparently, Vicky Nitinegoro is said to be familiar with Nikita’s baby. Even Vicky appeared to be present at the birth of Nikita’s youngest son, Arkana Mawardi.

Even though their closeness has just been caught on camera, apparently Nikita and Vicky have been friends for a long time. In gossip shows on television, Vicky admits that he and Nikita are only friends.

“My status with Niki is my friend,” said Vicky Nitinegoro.

On the other hand, Nikita Mirzani also revealed that Vicky was a lucky man to enter Nikita Mirzani’s bedroom. This was revealed by Nikita to Roy Ricardo when Melaney Ricardo’s younger brother visited his luxury home.

However, when this FTV player was asked whether he liked Nikita, it surprised him that Vicky said he had been an affair with Nikita Mirzani.

“If I like it, I just like it, not really. So I had an affair,” said Vicky Nitinegoro.

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