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Indonesian transgender, Millen Cyrus’s shocking confession about the arrest of using drugs


Indonesia – Celebgrams and models Millendaru or Millen Cyrus must be held accountable for their actions of abusing drugs before the law. He also had to undergo the legal process at the police.

But a surprising confession was revealed by Millen Cyrus. He spits out the facts.

The program with one million followers on Instagram was widely reported when he was arrested with a man with the initials JR at a hotel in the Ancol area, North Jakarta, on Sunday, November 22, 2020, in the morning. He was secured with a package of drugs, namely crystal methamphetamine and his suction device.

The Artist and Celebrity Program Millen Cyrus have a wish if he dies later. She wanted to return to male nature. This he said on Denny Sumargo’s YouTube channel.

“You live, you really want to live a real woman, but is not a woman. I’m still a man, I don’t have a uterus. Because of this, why am I operating, we never know until when surely you will miss, regret always comes later. When I thought about the cut, let’s be told by a friend, I looked down. I still had it when I saw that it was sure to be different, every day we sleep, definitely miss it can’t be loved anymore.

Hearing this, Denny Sumargo praised Millen. “You feel like going into hell on earth, don’t you think so. That’s really amazing, your thinking is really mature.”

Confession of Millen Cyrus

Reported by VIVA, Millen appeared to be wearing a blue shirt with a low chest. And in the recording of Basuki Surodjo’s podcast, Millen is also seen wearing blue clothes. In the 46-minute podcast, Millen talked about being used and trapped. At that time, Millen was asked about men who tried to approach her for mere popularity.

“If you use it, until now, I’ve even thought twice. It’s better not to find it than to be trapped, to be exploited. It’s better not to meet,” said Millen.

According to him, it is better to just get to know each other by telephone so as not to get carried away. Millen admitted, she was a person who tended to get close to men easily.

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