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Indonesian actor, Ridho 2R shows off his wife candidate, really beautiful



Indonesia  – Ridho 2R’s name suddenly went viral. Because a photo showing Ridho 2R with a beautiful woman made a scene.

The photo was uploaded by his brother, Rizki 2R on the Instagram page.

Rizki hopes Ridho can try sitting on the aisle chair. His photo is liked by thousands of netizens.

Congratulations y braderrr @ da2_ridho ??
Who is dy, ??? training first so don’t cranes?
For me, YESS, if you guys play, guys ?, “wrote Rizki.

Netizens also commented negatively with satirical tones. Don’t let the story be the same, “wrote Anhiji.
Don’t hurry, it’s been a while since it’s been apart.” write nova.

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