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German Formula 1 driver Grosjean message from the hospital after escaping death from fire car accident



On Sunday evening, Romain Grosjean (34) reported from the hospital via social media almost six hours after his terrible fire crash in Bahrain.

As if by a miracle, the Frenchman survived the full-throttle impact with the subsequent fire-hell only slightly injured. 27 seconds after hitting the barrier, he himself got out of the torn and burning cockpit.

He had a video recorded of himself in the hospital bed. He smiles and is still getting oxygen. His hands are bandaged and in slings after the second-degree burns.

Grosjean speaks to his fans: “Hello everyone. I just want to say I’m okay. ”Then he moves his fingers, looks at it, smiles and says,“ Okay, so to speak. Thanks for all the news. ”

Then he admits, “I wasn’t for the Halo a few years ago. But it’s one of the greatest things that Formula 1 introduced and without him, I wouldn’t be able to speak to you today. Thanks to all the medical staff at the racetrack and in the hospital. ”

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