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Marie, 7 year-old girl attacked by man (57) with a baseball bat in Berlin-Kopenik



A man is said to have attacked a seven-year-old girl with a baseball bat in Berlin-Kopernik. The little girl’s friends came to the rescue.

The 57-year-old man attacked the little girl with a baseball bat in Berlin, slightly injuring her.

According to reports gathered, A seven-year-old boy was playing with two one-year-old girls in the backyard of Kopernik’s Mahlower Strass on Thursday when the attack began, police said on Friday.

The other two girls called their parents, who called the police. Locals testified about a man who was known to dislike children’s games.

The alleged attacker was found in his home. The three girls recognized him. He must be held liable for dangerous bodily harm.

The police said, the girl had a leg hematoma but did not need treatment by a doctor.

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