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Tony calm down!! Angry tradesman smashes up two houses he’s been building after apparently not being paid



Angry tradesman caught on camera smashing two houses he has built, apparently unpaid.

The footage shows the man carrying a hammer to the edge of the building, tearing the pieces while his colleagues try to calm him down.

In the video which has gone viral on Tik-tok showed a man saying: “Tony, calm down, come on a partner, what’s going on?”

One walks towards him on scaffolding as he continues to extract particles from the building.

The angry workman is heard saying “I’ll sue you” as the other man keeps saying “just relax”.

After tearing off a large part of the outer wall, he then moves to the next building, where he begins to turn in front of it.

More and more raging voice is heard, which says: “Just leave the holiday.” when he starts working with his hammer.

The man who has been trying to calm him down eventually says “get the f****** police will ya”.

The sound from the camera can be heard. “I was not paid.” when the aggrieved tradesman tears a large piece of the wall with his hands until he is finally left in the woods.

The camera shows the piles of debris on the ground that he tore.

It is not clear where or when the incident took place.

The men in the video are wearing jackets named after a construction company based in Essex.

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