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Thousands gathered at Naples with pyrotechnics show and chants at the foot of Diego Maradonna’s mural to say goodbye



Several people on Wednesday gathered at the foot of a portrait of an Argentine idol that adorns the building of the Teduccio district of San ovan Iovan

There are two places in the world where Diego Armando Maradona, who died of a heart attack this Wednesday, is considered God. Logically, one is Argentina, his homeland. The other is Naples, the city that made a revolution in the early ’80s with its great football. This Italian city adores him և it showed when he learned that he lost his life at the age of 60.




His fans moved to the mural of his face that artist Jorit Agoch painted in one of the largest buildings in San Giovanni Teduccio, a neighbourhood known as the Bronx of this southern Italian city.

This artistic work was made in 2017, exactly 30 years after the first Scudetto that the Neapolitan entity acquired, an unrepeatable milestone that was possible thanks to the talent of a Diego Maradona who was in his prime at that time. There the Tifosi lit smoke flares and paid a special tribute to the Ten.

In the videos that began to be broadcast within hours of his death on social networks, it is seen how a large part of his admirers gathered in the vicinity of this mural to light fireworks and, amid applause, sing the famous song Ho seen Maradona.

Candles were lit and flowers were left for her at different points in a San Giovanni Teduccio neighbourhood where residents wore masks and used their cell phones to record the suffering caused by the loss of their greatest sports idol.

Diego Maradona lost his life at midday in Argentina, late at night in Naples, where he lived between 1984 and 1991. A city that saw him lift two Serie A trophies, an Italian Cup, an Italian Super Cup and a UEFA Cup . They were the consecrations that marked the legendary trajectory of one of the best footballers of all time.

The Argentine star, captain and emblem Albiceleste when world champions were consecrated in Mexico 1986, died at the age of 60 after suffering a cardiac arrest at a home in the town of Tigre, in the province of Buenos Aires. There he spent his last days recovering from the surgery he underwent on Tuesday, November 3, when he was operated on for a subdural hematoma.

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