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Slapshock vocalist, Jamir Garcia dies



Philippine Slapshock vocalist, Jamir Garcia has been reported dead.

Known as Slapshock vocalist but the real name is Vladimir “Jamir” A. Garcia is a Filipino singer better known as the frontman of the nu metal band Slapshock.

According to reports gathered, Jamir Garcia was found dead at his home as the cause of an alleged suicide. His live-in partner Sojina-Jaya Crisostomo found Garcia’s body hanging on a steel window using blanket around his neck inside his home’s comfort room.





About Slapshock Band

The band was formed at the University of the Philippines Fair on February 14, 1997, marking their first-ever performance. The original singer Reynold Munsayak left in early 1998, and Garcia was soon replaced.

The band’s name comes from a nice guitar-pulling chord-clapping technique that characterized most of the nu-metal sound. Rap-funk-punk-metal fusion band Red Hot Chili Peppers has a big impact.

Guitarist’s Basco takes a look back at their debut album, 4th Degree Burning. “Our music was raw at the time, we have little experience or knowledge of the equipment.” Still, it was good enough for the fans. Album sales reached platinum status. “We started at a young age and now we have matured. We have developed independently. “We are not limited to what the regime is today,” Garcia said proudly. But while Slapshock continues to evolve, they remain true to their metal roots.

On the latest wave of emo (emotional punk) bands, Nadela says: “We do not see it as competition.

We have our own music. We are more specific to rockers. It is an obligation. We stay long because we respect our commitment to the band. “Other groups change members, perhaps because their loyalty is questionable.” Since their formation, members have so far refused to take any side projects or leave the group. The title of their latest album, Kinse Caliber, was released on PolyEast Records in 2011. The band made the album themselves, perfecting the music and the unique arrangements.

They have been nominated for Best Artist by MTV Asia, և NU107 for Orchestra of the Year in 2001, 2002 և 2003. They also received the Best Album Package Award for Novena in 2002. Their first hit is “Agent Orange”. “And some of their songs are considered Hardcore style or genre.

According to Phistar, on October 2020, The Original Pinoy Music (OPM) rock band Slapshock was reportedly disbanded after the band’s guitarist Jerry Basco reportedly filed estafa and qualified theft against vocalist Jamir Garcia.

According to a Daily Tribune report, Basco filed the criminal case against Garcia at the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office last Monday.

In the complaint, Basco said Garcia made unauthorized withdrawals of approximately P200,000 from the band’s royalties derived from digital sales of its songs.

Garcia also allegedly stole part of Basco’s talent fees amounting to more that P400,000 from the band’s sponsorships in a five-year perod.

According to the report, Slapshock earned P30 million from a brand endorsement in five years.

Basco and Garcia are cousins.

Started in 1999, the band had seven studio albums including “4th Degree Burn,” “Headtrip,” “Project 11-41,” “Novena,” “Silence,” “Kinse Kalibre” and “Atake.”

The band was popular in live concerts with their hit songs “Carino Brutal,” “Ngayon Na,” “Agent Orange,” Misterio” and Anino Mo.”

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