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See the moment an Undertaker, Diego Molina took picture with Maradona’s body as it arrives Argentina



This photo is terrifying!! – While the whole of Argentina mourns football legend Diego Maradona (died at 60), this funeral director has apparently lost all respect and decency.

The Argentine TV broadcaster Todo Noticias has published a photo in which the undertaker stands, or rather, poses, at the coffin of Maradona.

While his right hand is on Maradona’s forehead, he shows his thumb up with his left hand. What is he trying to indicate with the gesture? That remains open.




One thing is clear, however: This photo hurts Maradona’s family and everyone who mourns what many consider to be the greatest footballer of all time. The fans are raging on social networks.

In the meantime, Diego Molina, the undertaker’s name, has been fired. This was announced by the owner of the Pinier funeral home in La Paternal. In addition, Molina is said to have apologized to Maradona’s family. Is that any consolation? Probably not.

What is even more macabre: The company’s slogan is “Our care makes a difference”. Seems like you have to look for a new slogan in addition to a new employee.

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