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Katarina Montes, woman dying in a car accident in the United States was surprised that her false eyelashes were safe



A young woman who was dying in a car accident in the United States was surprised that her false eyelashes were safe. “I thanked the eyelashes first”.

There were voices on SNS saying, “Isn’t the order of worrying different?”, But it seems that a lot of attention was paid to the fact that the seriously injured woman was too positive. “The US Sun” and “Mirror” are reported.

Katarina Montes, who lives in Arizona, was dying when she was driving a private car on October 30th last month when she was hit by a truck and suffered a head injury. Her car, the Chevrolet Cavalier, was so terrible that the accident was so terrible that it was ruthlessly transformed and scrapped.



Catalina was hospitalized for treatment but decided to send a thank-you message to a woman, perhaps three weeks after the accident when she had calmed down. Catalina sent the following message, with a painful photo of herself bandaged from her bed.

“How are you? You might think weird, but I thought I had to tell you! You really are the best eyelashes. I had a big car accident on October 30th. Look! The false eyelashes you treated were completely intact! ”

I received such a message: It was Valeria Brianna, an eyelid who performed Catalina’s eyelash extensions.

It seems that Valeria couldn’t keep in her heart about Catalina, who was pleased that False Eyelashes were safe.

When I posted a screenshot of the message Valeria received on Twitter, I got a voice like this from a user.

“I’ve had a big accident and I love her positive attitude. I hope she gets well soon.”
“Interesting. What’s happening with younger kids these days? The order of worrying is wrong! ”
This is the best false eyelash salon ad I’ve ever seen, but I hope she’ll get well.”

However, some people ridiculed that Catalina had “worked with a trick” to get attention on SNS, but Catalina herself said, “I just wanted to thank Valeria now that I have recovered. Think carefully before you blame me and say something! I still have a long way to go, but the humour makes me positive. ”

On the 22nd of this month, Catalina tweeted a thank-you note to medical personnel who saved her life, saying, “I was very lucky to be alive.”


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