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Chinese President, Xi Jinping congratulates US President-elect Joe Biden on winning the US elections



Chinese President, Xi Jinping on Wednesday congratulated US President-elect Joe Biden on winning the US elections, The leader of the Beijing regime was one of the few heads of state who had not greeted the elected president of the United States.

Xi Jinping congratulated Joe Biden on his victory in the US presidential election on Wednesday, state media reported.

The United States and China “must commit themselves not to seek conflict or confrontation, to mutual respect and a spirit of cooperation” to promote the “noble cause” of world peace and development, Xi said in his telegram, quoted by the media.




Xi’s message came more than two weeks after several other major countries congratulated Biden.

Relations between the United States and China have been at record lows in recent months as the two superpowers have traded criticism on a variety of topics including the trade war, espionage allegations, human rights, media freedoms and technological rivalry.

Both countries have repeatedly attacked each other’s handling of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, with Washington blaming China’s lack of transparency during the initial outbreak in Wuhan late last year.

Xi added that “the healthy and stable development of US-China relations is in accordance with the fundamental interests of both peoples.”

Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan also sent a message of congratulations to Kamala Harris on her election as vice president of the United States, the Xinhua news agency reported.

Beijing had previously offered low-key congratulations to Biden and Harris on Nov. 13 , long after several major countries congratulated the president-elect on his victory after days of turmoil and anticipation as votes in key states wrapped up.

“We understand that the results of the US elections will be confirmed based on US laws and procedures, ” Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said during a routine briefing at the time.

The Chinese media response to Biden’s victory since the result was confirmed earlier this month has been equally low-key.

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