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What happened to 15-year-old Quawan Charles from Louisiana, Sheriff investigation reveals


Quawan Charles from Louisiana a quiet 15-year-old boy who loved his dog “My Baby” outside, went missing in rural Louisiana on October 30.

His body was later found a few days in a sugar cane field, 20 miles away. House; The sheriff’s office told his family that the boy had drowned.

Charles’s family calls the allegation “fake” and says the photos show that Kuavan’s face was horribly disfigured when he was found.

They believe his death may have been racially motivated, with law enforcement failing to act hours after his son went missing.

Two weeks after Quawan’s disappearance, the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office issued a statement saying they were investigating “suspicious circumstances” and Quawan’s parents were still seeking answers.

“We believe that if he were a different color, he would be much more serious,” Ronald Hale, the family’s lawyer, told ABC News. “Today we would not talk about the last 13 days, without a leader, 13 days passed without an answer, 13 days passed without an official cause of death.… This family deserves to have Bobby rested.”

Quawan’s father says police visited Quawan  and  mother’s friend, both white, who were allegedly the last people to see him before he died.

But the sheriff did not comment on whether they are in contact with the couple. No suspects were named in the case, it was not designated as murder.

On the evening of October 30th, Quawan Charles was picked up from his father’s house by a white male and his mother. His body was found November 2nd.

The parish of St. Mary refuses to release the findings of the autopsy.

In response, the family is attempting to raise funds needed to conduct a second autopsy before his funeral.

An individual autopsy needs to be conducted before November 12th to ensure that all findings by the medical examiner can come back conclusive.

The family, represented by Celina Charles, has direct access to the funds and asks that you give what you can during this difficult time to assist in raising funds for burial, autopsy, and additional costs that may arise.

Quawan’s parents reported his disappearance from his father’s home in Baldwin, Louisiana, where he had recently moved, on October 30.

He had just started a new school. Quawan’s father, Kenneth Jacko, says that part of the reason why he was concerned about Quawan’s whereabouts was that he had left his beloved dog, who he had named “My Baby,” behind. Quawan’s family attorney says that the Baldwin Police Department took a report, but “gave no indication over the next few days that they were searching for the teen or actively investigating his disappearance,” per the Washington Post.

“Instead, they suggested Quawan might have gone to a football game and asked if the boy had a troubled past, he said.”

His family says Quawan was with a friend, 17-year-old Gavin Irvin, and Irwin’s mother, Janet, in neighboring Iberia Parish before he died.

Jacko told the Post that they learned through a third party that the Irvins picked Quawan up the day he went missing at around 3 p.m., while Jacko was at the store.

The Post reports that “Quawan’s father said neither he nor Quawan’s mother knew the Irvins, who are white, and had not given them permission to take Quawan.”

On November 17, Baldwin police released surveillance footage they say depicts Quawan getting picked up by a car on October 30. In the video, a figure, said to be Quawan, sits by the side of the road outside a home before getting up to run toward a car that pulls into the driveway.

Two individuals appear to leave the car; eventually, three people get back in and drive off. According to Assistant Chief Sam Wise, police believe that, before reentering the car, Quawan and the two individuals, presumed to be the Irvins, entered the backyard of his father’s home to play with Quawan’s dog. Gavin Irvin had given Quawan the dog, according to his father. “There was no signs of a kidnapping or abduction at that time,” Wise said of the video’s contents.

Quawan’s body was discovered on November 3. – Jacko says that the family, accompanied by police, visited the Irvins on November 3, after Quawan had been missing for four days. Gavin Irvin confirmed that he and Quawan had been together on October 30 but said that Quawan had left later in the day. “[Gavin] said Quawan got up and said he was leaving. [Gavin] asked about where Quawan was going, and after that, he disappeared,” Jacko told the Post.

Iberia Parish police found Quawan’s body in a sugarcane field later that day, in the small community of Loreauville not far from the Irvin’s home.

The sheriff’s office told the family that water was found in Quawan’s lungs, and he had drowned, but the family says photos of Quawan’s body show that his face was incredibly mangled. Celina Charles, a cousin serving as a family spokeswoman, said that Quawan’s mother, Roxanne Nelson, ran from the viewing room when she saw his body.

The Post reports that, in a photo of Quawan, “the teen appears so disfigured that his teeth are visible outside of his mouth.” Charles told ABC that Quawan “looks like he’d been tortured.” Nelson has since shared photos of his body online to call attention to Quawan’s death and to pressure law enforcement to act.

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