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This 40-year-old man, Shane Waters have been jailed after caught having s*x with chickens & and dog in Accrington, Lancashire



This man from Lancashire, Shane Waters, was arrested after being caught pants down with chickens and dogs.

Shane Waters, 40, carried out the deadly abuse after entering a farm in Accrington, Lancashire.

A supermarket cashier who had previously been convicted of horse abuse was jailed for 30 months in Burnley Crown Court.

He was forbidden to keep animals for life.

Water abuse occurred after a farmer found a number of dead and injured birds in a chicken coop on September 19, 2020.

He was afraid that “something sexual” had happened to them, so she called the RSPCA and checked the camera footage.






The video shows Waters crawling around the farm, leaving the barn at 11:40 p.m., the Lancashire Telegraph reports.

The officers arrested Waters on September 23, telling them: “I need help. I know what I did. I’m just getting these urges. ”

During questioning, Waters told police he had been to the farm nine times before, “but usually only had sex with one chicken.”

Barbara Webster, who is incharge of prosecuting him in court, said: “He did not like it. He apologized to the chickens after doing that.”

The court heard that a total of 15 chickens died from Waters abuse.

Waters also admitted that he had been in contact with his pet dog Great Dane for four months, but said that the dog “did not like it, growled and bit him.”

Defending Waters, Anna Chestnut said Waters hopes to get back to life after his release from prison.

He said. “This is not the person he wants to be. He is completely disgusted with his behavior. ”

Judge Dodd said: “As far as I understand, at least 15 chickens died as a result of your horrible sexual activity.

“Those who kept chickens are obviously terrified, they are terrified of what you do.

“I have no doubt that anyone who hears the details of this case will be disgusted.

“Your behavior is really disturbing, especially in light of your previous beliefs.”

The judge issued an indefinite criminal order banning Waters from keeping animals and sentencing him to life imprisonment.

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1 Comment

  1. D

    November 21, 2020 at 9:44 pm

    Waters deserves the death sentence.

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