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The life & death of Irene Columbus – Few things you need to know


Irene Columbus

Real Name: Irene Columbus
Age: 61yrs (Born February 12, 1934)
Profession: Actress
Death Date: December 28, 1995
Family: Chris Columbus

Meet American actress Irene Columbus. she was born on February 12, 1934, in Buckerstown, Pennsylvania, to Irene Mary Puskar.

She was an actress best known for her film Nine Months (1995).

She got married to A.M. Columbus and died on December 28, 1995 in San Francisco, California.

The film is dedicated to the loving memory of Irene Columbus, the mother of director Chris Columbus, who died of cancer a year before the film’s release.

The characters in the film, Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon, often contradict each other.





Chris Columbus’ new film, Stepmother, opened to the public on Christmas Day. The film tells the theme of director Columbus’s animals and dedicated to the memory of Irene Columbus [his mother who died of cancer in 1997].

Because of its very successful “Mrs. “Doubtfire,” Columbus pointed to the growing “mixed” American pulse.

About The Film Stepmom

The film tells the story of a recently divorced father played by Ed Harris (“Apollo 13”, “The Right Thing”) and his two emotionally charged children who are forced to part with their father’s smooth “Manhattan” attic (starring Susan Sarando). , “Dead Man Walking”) a beautiful, suburban house.

The plot revolves around the entrance of a live-in girlfriend that threatens to supplant the mother. Played by the radiant Julia Roberts (“My Best Friend’s Wedding”), Dad’s new lover, a successful fashion photographer, battles to win the affection of her boyfriend’s children while juggling her trendy career.

The jilted Sarandon takes every opportunity to undermine her husband’s new flame. “I’ll hate her if you want me to Mom,” declares her eight-year-old son.

Although we sympathize with the children’s unhappiness, it is Roberts’ character the Stepmom to whom our heart is meant to go out. Afterall, she’s no homewrecker, she’s really trying, and she knows all the words to the Motown classics.

One of the women is suffering from cancer, and the rest of the film feels like a warmed-up version of last year’s incomparable “One True Thing.” You see, director Columbus says that a spare mom can be really helpful.

The film has its share of shameful memories of schoolyard profanity and sexuality.

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