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Sheffield’s Player, Darnell Fisher Caught Grabbing Callum Paterson’s Genitals (Video)



Sheffield Wednesday player Darnell Fisher has gotten the attention of sports viewers after he was caught on camera grabbing Callum Paterson’s p*nis during the match today.

It all happened when the a Sheffield Wednesday were given a corner, Fisher could be seen touching Paterson’s nether regions twice in a matter of seconds.

A twitter Ian Fletcher who reacted to the video said Fisher’s action could be described as a sexual assault and has no place in football.

EFL if I did that In public I would expect to be arrested, it’s sexual assault and has no place in football, anybody who thinks this is acceptable in any circumstances, shouldn’t be allowed out in public, bet you do nothing about it!, said Ian Fletcher.

Many people has also reacted to the video and said it never appropriate for Darnell Fisher to do such.

Checkout The Video And Reactions From Internet Users

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