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Shariah Board member for Zenith Islami Life Insurance, Maulana Golam Sarwar Saide is dead



Maulana Golam Sarwar Saide Saheb has passed away at 4:15 am in Dhaka.


Md Golam is a Shariah Board member for Zenith Islami Life Insurance.


He is also the Director & Principal of Bangladesh Islamic University, Dhaka and also the principal of Araibari Islamia Saidia Kamil Madrasa in Brahmanbaria.

On November this year, Boom Bangladesh reported that Maulana Golam Sarwar Sayedee (Peersaheb Araibari) had been undergoing treatment at the hospital.

But his death was faked as at that time, He was reported dead news spread on social media in, November 8. Written from a Facebook ID named Nazim Uddin Ahmad– ”

#Shock_news Renowned commentator, researcher and principal of Araibari Sayedia Kamil Madrasa Maulana Golam Sarwar Sayedee (Peersaheb Araibari) has died at a hospital in the capital. Inna lillahi wa inna lillahi rajiun. May Allah Almighty accept this revered rabbi of the religion of knowledge as a guest of Jannatul Ferdous, the highest place in heaven, Amen.

But sadly today November 2oth 2020, Maulana Golam Sarwar Saide died in Dhaka around 4:15 am in the morning.

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