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Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto hangs out with popular Turkish chef and restaurateur Salt Bae in Dubai


Kenya’s Vice President William Ruto was caught on camera getting a special treat from the popular Turkish chef and restaurateur Salt Bae in Dubai.

According to a blogger Abraham Mutai, DP Ruto was in Nusr-Et Steakhouse, which allegedly belongs to the famous star chef Salt Bae.

The video which has gone viral had the vice president receiving a special treat from the chef, they both laughed and enjoyed their moment together while he served him a  roasted beef.

Abraham Mutai revealed that the cost of steak is about $1,000 in Nusr-Et Steakhouse Dubai that belongs to celebrity Chef Salt Bae. Salt Bae is a Billionaire Chef who has had a wonderful moment with notable African personalities like Kenya president, Uhuru Kenyatta who was photographed in 2018 hanging out with the celebrity chef.

He claimed that food in the dining room was expensive. The value of the steak, which DP liked. It cost Ruto about $ 1,000.

The blogger slammed DP for saying that his place where he went for a steak was a mess, as he claims.

“The steak at Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Dubai costs about $ 1,000 and is owned by renowned chef Salt Bae. It was right where DP Ruto was.

“Now he is lying to his supporters that he supports Hustler. Salt Bae is a billionaire, not a Burma Market Nyama kiosk. “TangaTanga is true cult,” the blogger wrote.





Nusret who posted the picture on his Instagram page captioned it “The President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta. You are on Top.”

Salt Bae, is a Turkish chef and restaurateur who owns Nusr-Et, a chain of Turkish steakhouses.

His art of cooking and preparing meat became an internet sensation.

Salt Bae has also hosted a set of A-list guests at his restaurant in recent times like the football stars Lionel Messi and Paul Pogba were spotted at his eatery in Dubai last few years.


He is a butcher-turned-social media star who went viral under the nickname “Salt Bae” in 2017 after posting videos of himself salting meat, personally served his guests, who sat at different tables.

Both footballers were seen imitating Salt Bae’s distinctive cobra-like manoeuvre, salting meat. Gökçe also fed a piece of meat to the football stars directly from his knife.

Following their dinners, Messi and Pogba sat together and conversed for a long time, enjoying some Turkish tea.

Part of their conversation allegedly concerned Pogba’s potential move to Barcelona. Earlier reports suggested the Argentine was fond of Manchester United midfielder’s transfer.

The unusual manner in which Gökçe salts meat earned him more than 17 million Instagram followers and has helped launch Nusr-Et restaurants in the Middle East, New York and Miami.

Nusr-Et restaurants saw many guests from football stars to celebrities from the music and movie industries.

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