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Photographer, Kin Cordell Has Passed Away



Photographer, Kin Cordell Is Dead

Popular Photographer based in Los Angeles, Ca Kin Cordell has passed away. Kin was reported to have died today November 20 2020. Circumstances surrounding his death has not been made public but sources claimed his death was a result of COVID-19 complications.

B FlyLa has reacted to the sudden demise of Kin, via their official Facebook page they wrote – Kin Cordell… I can not imagine doing a photoshoot without you. You’ve shot every milestone in my business. Anytime I’ve called you, you came. We’ve hopped gates to get the shot. We’ve been escorted out of multiple places, & when I’d say it’s over you’d keep going.

You’ve always told me to come out & show my face, & when I did You were more excited than anyone. My last shoot you came & knocked it out in 30 min. I didn’t know my birthday shoot would be the last one we did together.

In my warehouse, I have a wall that will have every shoot Bfly has ever done. I didn’t know I was making a tribute to you. I’m lost for words, I don’t know what to say.
THANK YOU KIN, Thank you so very much. I truly appreciate you & I would always tell you. R.I.P Kin Cordell!!.

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