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Media personality, Lasizwe Dambuza shares video of his brand new BMW convertible



South African media personality, Lasizwe Dambuza in a new Youtube video shares the brand new BMW convertible he bought for himself.

Lasizwe overcame emotions and while sharing the exciting  moment online, He showed off his new lush white convertible BMW, which symbolizes much more than a luxury whip, it proves its success, it proves that hard work pays off.

Sharing that wonderful moment, Lasizwe with his big sister Khanyi Mbau took the new ride out for a spin and possibly even a little celebration too.

Speaking on social media like a proud older sister, Khanyi congratulated her brother Lasizwe on his new performance and told the world how proud she was of him, such a brother-sister relationship is indeed out of this world.

Rumors are circulating that Lasizwe is in a new relationship with a man,: it is assumed that he is none other than the “The River’s Wiseman Zitha”. Ooooh, he did that andn he did it well, it’s a fire piece of human flesh.

Watch The Video Below..

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