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65-Year-Old Woman Gee Six Five Releases Her New Song “Obani Labantu”, Mzansi Reacts



You should blame nobody for not making it in Life. You have all it takes to shame failure. The story of a 65-year-old woman has inspired many.

A 65-year-old woman identified as Gee Six Five has shocked Mzansi after her new song “Obani Labantu” exploded the internet. While speaking about her decision to delve into the music not minding her age, the woman explained why she chose to go with the stage name Gee Six Five and why she decided to sing the song Obani Laba Bantu at her age.

BREAKING: Gee Six Five Is Dead

She is definitely looking for her breakthrough the entertainment industry as a musician and she is currently promoting her latest single named, “Obani lababantu” and her title of the song is from the South African language, Zulu.

Gee Six Five has pleaded with South Africans to support her by downloading her song and sharing it to get more exposure.

A family member of the Gee Six Five, Sbu Mpungose said her family are now very divided about recording the song.





So Gee Six Five is my aunt (she who got her masters at 60 yrs+ & is pursuing a doctorate), My family is very divided about her recording this single. She says she wants to show that you can go after your dreams no matter the age, said Sbu.

A Twitter user, Nomzamo said she can’t stop singing to GeeSixFive’s song since it’s release and predicted it might be the song of the year.

GeeSixFive’s iconic Obani Lababantu is the baby shark for adults. I have involuntarily been singing it all day. I can’t wait till it wins song of the year, she tweeted.

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LISTEN BELOW: Gee Six Five – Obani Labantu (Full Song)




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