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Viral video trending online shows illegal immigrants crossing and entering South African through Komatipoort border post



A video which has gone viral was shared online by a Twitter user, where people were seen crossing and entering the South African border illegally.

According to Cathy the young who shared the video said, “One of the listeners on SAfm sent us this video taken near the Komatipoort border post, of people crossing the border illegally into SA.”

Although South Africa’s emerging non‐racial democracy has been internationally acclaimed, global integration has also brought its problems. One of these is the greater number of illegal immigrants entering the country.

A study has revealed that the majority of illegal immigrants come to South Africa in search of better economic opportunities.

However, they are accused of taking away the jobs of locals, lowering wages and spreading diseases. Although official government policy towards illegals is embodied in the Aliens Control Act (1991), there is a need to understand the problem within its regional and historical context.


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