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Scunthorpe family on DIY SOS shares story of their daughter’s death



The story of the Scunthorpe family on electric DIY SOS brought tears to the eyes of electrician Billy.

Billy Byrne is outraged by the family’s struggle against loss, especially the death of seven-year-old Natasha Blanchard.

He himself lost his daughter, Emma, to cancer when he was 20 years old. It was very difficult for him to think about losing a child.

Billy said. “I just thought about everything about Caroline, Reese Withered, everything about their lives, everything.

“When they look out of that window now, hopefully she won’t have bad memories, she’ll just have good memories to build on.

“You’ve not got to have this breaking into tears every time you talk about her, you’ve got to accept that she was a part of our lives for 20 years.

“Let’s talk about the 20 years that she was great and she was happy, you know? And we can stop shedding tears, but it’s hard.

“Onwards and updards, onwards and upwards sweetheart.”

Natasha sadly passed away in 2007 after she rode a mini motorbike down the garden and crashed into shelving in the family garage.

She was taken to hospital for emergency brain surgery, but they were sadly unable to stop her brain from bleeding.

Her death had a big impact on the family, with her dad, Paul, sadly passing away from a heart attack nine years later.

The DIY SOS team were struck by the Blanchard family’s story, and decided to transform their home for the better after mum Caroline found it too much to bear looking at the garage and conservatory, which is where Paul tragically died.

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