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Enlightened Christian Gathering leader Shepherd Bushiri has handed himself over to police in Malawi



The Enlightened Christian Gathering leader, Prophet  Shepherd Bushiri has handed himself over to police in Malawi.


He said in a statement that he would do so, but on Wednesday SABC News reported that the prophet incharge of the church, Enlightened Christian Gathering church and his wife, Mary, had been handed over to police.

Bushiri fled South Africa last week amid allegations of theft, money laundering and fraud over an alleged R100 million investment plan.

They were released on R200,000 bail earlier this month, but last week the couple fled their home country of Malawi. They confirmed their escape via Facebook on Saturday morning.

The Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on Monday issued an arrest warrant for the Boxers.

The Hawks said on Wednesday that the North Gauteng High Court had ruled to arrest the Bushites, who were also charged with fraud and money laundering.

“At the time of her disappearance, Mrs Bushiri was paid 200,000 bails each, and they were required to report regularly to the authorities as part of meeting their bail conditions.

“They were to report to the court in January 2021.

In his speech, Bushiri said he was not confident of a fair trial in South Africa.

“The minister went on to say that our permanent residence permits are irregular, so it is illegal for us to stay in South Africa because my wife and I misrepresented the facts in order to get her departments to issue permits, and the administration gave us the wrong permits because of them. control

“Therefore, his administration has decided to revoke our permits.

“This is one of the many injustices I feared could happen to my wife.

“This internal process is already biased by the minister before I present my representations, why we should not withdraw our permits, because we have not done anything wrong,” said Bushiri.

Bushiri said he fled to Malawi, not for political interference in his problems with the South African authorities, but to seek justice in the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi.

“I strongly believe in the constitution of Malawi, as it protects every citizen, including my wife and me.

“That is why I will appear before law enforcement this morning to legally explain and defend the decisions I made to come to Malawi.

“I am innocent until proven guilty. At the moment, there is no court in the world that can prove my guilt. I can be prosecuted in the media Լ public իմ, but I remain innocent until proven guilty

“It’s unfortunate, therefore, that the South African Minister of the Interior has deliberately misled the people of South Africa around the world in this matter. “I can not have a fair trial in South Africa.”

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