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ChaCha Cricket the popular Pakistani cricket fan is not dead



Earlier today there was a rumour circulating on the social media that ChaCha Cricket the popular Pakistani cricket fan has died.


The report of his death which has been denied to be true was first published by a website (

“It is very sad to announce that one of the most imminent Pakistan Cricket team enthusiast Baba Mehr Deen of Wagah Border much known as Chacha Pakistani, has died at the age of 90. The deceased breathed his last in Lahore today. The reason of his death is still not ascertained yet.

It is very heartrending to accept that another veteran of our society has left us who for the last 60 years, regularly visited the border during the ceremonies as he was always there to lead the crowd, chanting and raising slogans in favour of Pakistan.
Many people have witnessed his enthusiasm and patriotism for Pakistan when they visited the Border to see the ‘lowering of the flags’ ceremony’ in Lahore.

We pray for the forgiveness of his sins and may Allah bless his soul with eternal peace. Ameen.”

But a report from a reliable source has debunked the rumour revealing that the old man is not dead but still much alive.

Alhamdulillah Chacha Cricket is absolutely fine and in good health. Please avoid sharing such news without verification.

In 2019, Sufi Abdul Jalil popularly known as Chacha Cricket, was one of the delegations who left Sialkot for England to support the Pakistan cricket team in matches of that year ICC Cricket World Cup.

Scores of people, most of them exporters of sports goods, saw him off at a ceremony held at the Sialkot International Airport.

Chacha Cricket has beean a familiar face to cricket fans in Pakistan and other cricket loving nations because of his antics and untiring support for the Pakistani team in cricket grounds.

TV cameras focus him in the moments of stress or sensation during a match. Before boarding the plane, Chacha Jalil said that the Pakistan Cricket team would come up to the expectations of the nation as the team had a great talent.

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