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What happened to Pranay Puchakayala, the 29-year-old youngster from Habsiguda



Pranay Puchhakayala, a 29-year-old young man from Habsiguda and lives in Canada, reportedly died.

He committed suicide in Canada because of a broken love affair after inhaling nitrogen gas. The deceased, in his suicide letter, claimed that a woman had deceived him, as he urged the authorities to donate his organs.

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Pranay, in fact, went to Canada for higher education. His parents informed the Canadian authorities about the incident.

He was a young boy with dreams of becoming great someday and he was also an upcoming Youtuber, which had about 7,000 subscribers. He told about his problems in the video.

In the video he says: “My wife and I were in love, we had a marriage license, we stayed together. However, he deceived me. He received an H1B visa to travel to the United States. ”

“It simply came to our notice then. We all tried for more than a month to get him out of it. He was always honest, sweet, funny and loving, ”says his family.

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