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TV presenter, Jonnie Irwin’s twin son set to undergo hernia surgery



Popular television presenter and commercial director at The Judicare Group, Jonnie Irwin has to open up about his life and how his twin son is going to undergo surgery after suffering from a hernia.

Jonnie who presents Channel 4’s A Place In The Sun, welcomed his lovely twins with his wife Jessica Holmes at the middle of this year, June 2020. The couple share three children together who are all under 18 months; two twin boys Rafa and Cormac and their toddler, Rex

The 46-year-old man has since turned to the “bedlam” of his family home, as he found out that both of them had health problems.

The father of three explained that he and his other half had a lot on their plate after a boy had a hernia and his twin brother or sister had a cyst inside.

Jonnie siad that it was a reason for children to have trouble sleeping at night, and as a result, everything is very “full”.

He said: “One of the twins has a hernia and the other has a cyst on his bum.

“Three kids under 18 months, so I have to deal with that.”

Jonnie added: “The problem is [my son] with the hernia, is being very brave but [the twins] are not sleeping through the night at all because they both have got their issues.”

The Channel 4 presenter explained that his five-month-old will be having an operation to remove the hernia.

“He is going under general anaesthetic next week so that’ll be interesting,” Jonnie explained.

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