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Sjava rape case has been thrown out by the court


South African Award-winning musician-actor Sjava, who three years ago was accused of raping his ex-girlfriend Lady Zamar, has left the hunt.

Sjava was charged with rape after Lady Zamar filed a rape case, allegedly in 2017 at the Hotel in Limpopo.

But the latest news so far is that on Tuesday morning court ruled that there was no evidence of Sjava raping Lady Zamar, so the case was dropped.

The Lady Zamar, who was accused of lying to Sjava by fans, filed a sexual assault and abuse case against him last year, which led to the smear of Sjava’s reputation, and the loss of many movie contracts, such as Uzalo and many more.

Many South Africans are still clamouring that Sjava should now open a case against Lady Zamar for ruining his reputation & also for the damages that case has done for his career.

So far so good we will be waiting to see what will be the turn-up of the event in the next few days ahead.

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