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JUST IN: End Sars protester Eromosele Adene granted bail



Nigeria – A court in Lagos, Nigeria, has granted bail to End Sars protester Eromosel Adene.

The court rejected the police request to detain Adene, but instead allowed N1m և to pay two bail guarantees that the companies should be.

Adene Day accuses Ind Sars of participating in the protest.

Nigerian police have arrested Eromtsi on charges of criminal misconduct, cyberbullying and disturbing public peace.

The police dumpster brings an immediate request to grant Eromosele the right to lock him in a cell for 30 days when he asks the court.

On Tuesday, November 16, 2020, Eromosel is applying for a Master’s degree in Lagos Yaba in southwestern Nigeria.

The lawyer for the police bin’s inquiry says that the court will allow Eromts to be detained in order to allow a full investigation, as he is accused of cyber-persecution and inciting a crime.

But Adesina Ogunlana, a senior adviser to the defendant, said the application had no merit.

The prosecutor says that if the application arrives 10 days in advance, then Bin Day calls for order, but the application, which teaches that Dem Bin is being carried out by Abuja, is returned to Lagos within the last 10 days.

He insists that there should be no murder, there is no need to detain him.

The chief police adviser says that it cannot be said that Eromts’s right is deliberately violated, but they do it for the safety of citizens.

Eromz’s general council also says that the police do not provide any evidence that they claim that the face looks like a fingerprint.

He says the court will allow my client to pledge on health grounds.

Lead consultants claim that Eromz has a liver problem, but police garbage treatment treats malaria typhus.

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