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Jacob Zuma has been given “two days off” as the State Capture Inquiry on Tuesday was postponed



Jacob Zuma provides “two days off” as the State Seizure investigation is delayed
Raymond Zondo says he is “still considering a recusal application against him” for buying precious time for Zuma at the State Capture Inquiry.

Lawyers for Jacob Zuma have seen an offer from Raymond Zondo as head of the State Capture Inquiry to transfer him to extra time. Musi Sikhahane, who on Monday dropped Msholozi’s appeal against the DCJ, was told the trial was adjourned today.

The Zondo commission is expected to resume only on Thursday, November 19, at 10 a.m. At 00

Monday was a hotly debated day as Zondo’s self-exclusion case prevailed. Jacob  Zuma who would never come close to asking questions instead had a clean political theatre somewhere in the front row.

The Sikhakhane and Zondo were really quite happy with each other, despite the heavy subject matter.

However, Zuma’s board met with State Capture Inquiry attorney Paul Pretorius. Sikhahane claimed that his opponent was “sponsoring” him after a Commission representative withdrew his resignation.

We started late Tuesday when Raymond Mondondon summoned two legal teams to his chambers. The meeting was used to find out when the DD will announce its decision to withdraw.

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