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A man hangs himself on Centurion bridge in N1 road Pretoria this morning



A viral video of an incident of suicide which happened on the N1 road has surfaced online.

In the video, a man was seen hanging under the bridge in N1 road.

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It is believed that the man actually hanged himself with not information relating to what could have happened to him.

The passersby could be seen taking pictures from the scene.

Police have also arrived at the area and are already carrying out investigation on what led to the incident.

According to more information gathered from Tshwane EMS spokesperson Charles Mabaso who said they arrived at the scene just before 8am.

The man was hanging from a piece of rope between the Petroport Panorama filling station and the Wallmansthal Bridge.

“We waited for police to arrive on the scene and assisted with the recovery of the body,” Mabaso said.

Gauteng traffic police spokesperson Sello Maremane said circumstances surrounding the incident are unknown at this stage.

Maremane condemned the “reckless behaviour” of passing motorists who took pictures of the scene.

“This behaviour is unwarranted and punishable by law enforcement authorities since the deceased’s family has not been notified,” he said.

“Anyone found with the pictures or to be circulating them will face the full wrath of the law.”

The bridge has appeared to be a safe haven where people take their lives themselves without any clue to what could have triggered their reasons for such doing that.

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A similar incident happened last few years when an unidentified man was found hanging from Centurion bridge and traffic was heavily backed-up on the N1 highway following the incident.

Speaking to the media, The police spokesperson Captain Dave Miller said traffic was heavily backed-up following the incident.

“We can confirm that a body of a man was found hanging from the bridge but no further details are available,” he said.

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